Symbiotic ORM.

Symbiotic ORM is a stable, small, fast and simple to use micro ORM. Just add some attributes and begin loading, saving, updating hierarchical objects. You can choose to implement simple interfaces for more features. There is no configuration files needed, no mapping files, no caching or tracking of changes to objects. Works great for N-Tier/WCF development.

Symbiotic ORM Nuget link

Symbiotic ORM Code Generator tool (window x64) ; Supports Sql Server, Sqlite, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSql

This tool will generate .Net poco classes based on the database schema. Uses simple text files as templates, which can be modified, or you can add your own.

Symbiotic Helper MSI file

Snapshot of Main screen of Code Generator tool
Snapshot of Settings screen.
Snapshot of database type to .net type mapping.

Feature summary